Most people associate drones as military, unmanned airborne vehicles, which protects the pilots carry out the actions scout or transports weapons.
But now, their use is becoming more diverse, obviously we’re talking here about civilian drones, within the meaning of remote-controlled “toys”.
The use of such drones are virtually endless, and this is what you are limited only your own imagination. The simplest drones are already available at low prices and almost everyone who is interested can follow us buy a drone.
The cheapest you can buy drones already for $ 300, but they are lightweight and can carry very little, at most, sports webcam. For more toy else inside that storage must have more $$$. Controlling the drone is not such an easy thing, and it takes some practice to learn to control this device.
Otherwise, it may end up like this film …

In summary, these remote controlled toys can give you a lot of fun, and with more practice it can shoot interesting videos, or take pictures of quite a different perspective than before. Already is  number of websites on which you can place your videos and pictures and share his experience with other users.
Here are some pictures taken by the help of drones.




 Impressive, right?

And that’s just a few possibilities to use these small of flying toys, already now the company has announced the with no plans to use drones to deliver parcels to their clients, using. With another interesting idea to she left the company that created the aerial drone named aph-22, was used to observe the behavior of the herd from the air orcas. To this end, researchers have used it with the vancouver Aquarium and The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.